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Nature locked in

Natural Paving – the innovative and unique range of permeable paving.

Designed with convenience in mind, Natural Paving enhances outdoor landscape spaces by creating natural pebble or grassed finishes. The unique honeycomb design of each paver keeps pebbles locked in place, allows grass to grow, and reduces puddles and water runoff.

Path Grade

Natural Paving Path Grade is designed for patios, paths, gardens, parks and cycleways. Create enduring pebble landscaping areas with Path Grade for pedestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs, and golf carts.

Vehicle Grade

Natural Paving Vehicle Grade is ideal for pebble driveways, car parks and turning areas where traffic is typically cars and the occasional heavy vehicle. Vehicle Grade ensures the infill stones or pebbles will not migrate in areas subject to repeat wheel tracking or turning.

Grass Grade

Natural Paving Grass Grade is used to strengthen grass in pedestrian, parking and vehicle areas. These pavers create grassed surfaces that will not rut, become muddy, and can be walked and driven on. Grass growth is enhanced by the honeycomb cells that protect the root system. The pavers do not absorb moisture preventing grass from drying out as traditional style concrete grass paving can.

Why choose Natural Paving

Natural Beauty

Bring the ambience of the natural environment to your home.


Water passes through the pebbles and pavers naturally, so puddles don’t form.

Low Maintenance

Pavers only require occasional raking and removal of debris.

Cost Effective

Typically less expensive than other paving and hard surface options.

Do It Yourself

The honeycomb pavers are simple and fast to lay.


The pebble or grass surface remains stable as infill material is locked in place.