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Upgrade Your Driveway With Permeable Paving

Upgrade Your Driveway With Permeable Paving

How do you feel about your property when you turn into your driveway and arrive home? Proud? Disappointed? Often, it’s the first thing you see, but it’s an area of the property that sometimes gets neglected. For many of us, we spend most of our time in the backyard where it’s private. The driveway is only seen when leaving or coming home. It’s out of sight and out of mind, yet it still influences how we feel about our property and is commonly the first impression any visitor gets when arriving at our home.  

A good way to view your driveway is to think of your home as a retreat. It’s your place to relax away from work, away from stress. Think back to how you felt on holiday when arriving at a grand hotel, an exclusive resort, or visiting a chateau down a long, willow-lined driveway. Do you reminisce about the sound of gravel crunching under car tyres? Or the formal circular driveway, where a car valet waits, and the concierge takes your luggage? Or simply the wow factor when you round the corner and first see the landscape design? First impressions count, and a lot of thought goes into the design. Of course, not everyone has the budget to recreate these scenes, but by understanding what it was that made you feel special, you can incorporate those elements into your entrance, and add that personal touch to your home. 

Pebbled driveway Natural Paving Vehicle grade

Designing a new entranceway isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Look at the functional requirements first. Get an idea of what you need your entranceway to do, then design the form around those elements. Do you need to incorporate curved or raised access to your garage or front door? Do you need room for two or more cars to turn around? Is it easier to create a circular drive through area around a garden feature? Does the driveway need to extend around the back of the house? Are there tree roots to build around or be aware of? There may be multiple aspects to consider, but break them down one by one, knowing that by correctly installing Natural Paving pavers, any design is easy to achieve. 

Pebbled driveway Natural Paving Vehicle grade

Vehicle Application Permeable Pavers

Natural Paving is designed for cars, 4WDs and occasional heavy vehicle use. When installed correctly, they offer an elegant, stable yet versatile solution that will keep your driveway looking as fresh as the day it was built. One of the many aspects that become neglected are rutted tyre marks, which quickly form potholes. This often occurs if a surface layer of gravel or concrete is laid over earth without separating the two layers with a geotextile fabric, such as SureTex. As the soil degenerates, the surface above sinks into those holes and worsens over time. It may feel like an expensive problem to fix, but Natural Paving pavers offer a cost-effective solution. 

Easy to install, they give an elegant sense of refinement to any entranceway design. They keep the driveway stable, meaning you can easily build around elements such as gardens, pathways or water features. Potholes won’t form, as there’s no wearing down of the ground by repetitive turning. The pebbles are held in place by the paver’s geogrid design. The only maintenance you’ll need is to sweep the odd stone back into place. 

The pavers are permeable too, meaning any excess water won’t sit on the surface of your driveway. The installation design allows for quick and easy drainage and should be a factor to consider when designing your new entrance. We have a handy calculator to help you work out how many pavers you’ll need, and what other materials you’ll require to create your ideal driveway. Step by step, by using Natural Paving permeable pavers, you’ll create an entrance to your home that you’ll always be proud of, but most importantly, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday every time you come home. 

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