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The Top 5 P’s of Natural Paving

The Top 5 P’s of Natural Paving

Newly introduced to New Zealand, Natural Paving incorporates 20 years of European refined experience, with UV resistance added for New Zealand conditions. To help define the enduring, natural beauty of stone paving, here are our top 5 P’s that make Natural Paving the perfect paving solution.  

Vehicle Grade Driveway

1. Permeable 

It’s the number one reason why you should choose Natural Paving pavers. Permeable means water drains through the pavers and into the soil beneath. When installed with a specified sub-base design, water quickly disperses from the surface, meaning no puddles, no degradation of soil underground, and no potholes, leaving your permeable pavement looking as good as the day it was laid. 

2. Permanent  

Say goodbye to worn turning circles on your driveway. Due to their unique grid design, Natural Paving pavers hold pebbles in place, forming beautiful, natural, stable, flat areas that perform like hard paving. Now, children can ride their bikes on the driveway, without fear of your landscape being destroyed, or your high heels getting stuck. 

3. Practical

Are you a DIY nut wondering how to build a driveway? Natural Paving pavers are quick and easy to lay. Simply place them side by side. The strong geotextile fabric attached to the underside of Natural Paving permanently locks the pavers in place. Hidden under pebbles, this permeable geotextile even prevents weeds from growing through. Natural Paving pavers are easy to cut, meaning you can create any shape you desire to create your ideal garden landscape. 

4. Peace of mind 

Natural elements like stone, grass and wood have a hugely beneficial effect on our well-being. We don’t want to live in a concrete jungle. We’d rather feel lush grass underfoot or hear the delectable sound of pebbles cascading beneath the car that heralds our return home. Natural Paving helps bring those elements back into your life. And once they’re installed, Natural Paving pavers are easy to maintain, allowing you to relax and enjoy the serene ambience on display. 

5. Product Choice  

No matter which outside area you’re looking to enhance, Natural Paving has you covered.  Natural Paving is ideal for all light use pebbled paths, patios or cycleways. As well as for driveways, car parks and turning areas. 


There is no easier, more pragmatic way to improve your outdoor areas. Remember the 5 P’s. Permeable, permanent, and practical, Natural Paving pavers give you peace of mind, with the right product choice to suit your every need. 


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