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The Key to a Stable and Reliable Spa Foundation

The Key to a Stable and Reliable Spa Foundation

It’s the end of a long day. Perhaps you’ve been in a cold office with no sun. Maybe you’re tired from working in the garden, stiff from a few too many missed golf shots, or just wanting a great night’s sleep. Whatever your reason, sometimes you’re not ready to go indoors for the evening just yet. But with winter looming, thoughts of spending the evening in your backyard are dwindling fast. 

Soaking in a hot spa can be a fantastic way to wash the day away and ease the winter chill. It also means you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round, but before you rush out and purchase that luxurious pool to soothe your weary soul there are some things to consider. 

Here are some important ground preparation tips you need to consider:

First, think about where you’re going to install your spa, and who’s going to be using it. You want it to blend into your landscape, to be an extension of your home, rather than looking like it’s a last minute thought. Will it be close to your lounge? Part of your indoor/outdoor flow? Or set in a more private courtyard by the bedroom where you can easily access your ensuite? 

Once you’ve chosen your location, take a good look at the piece of land it’s going to go on. They need a flat, well drained, settled foundation. To help with all the following aspects, we recommend Natural Paving pavers . As it is designed to take the weight of moving vehicles, it will easily withstand all the foundation elements a spa pool requires. 

Filled with water, spa pools are heavy, which is why we don’t recommend placing your spa on soil or grass areas, as it may settle unevenly. If there’s a slight slope, the pressure of the water on the downhill side may slowly warp your spa, and structural damage to the spa, resulting from an inadequate foundation, may not be covered by the spa’s warranty. 

By correctly installing Natural Paving, you’ll create a structurally sound, even surface. Because Natural Paving is permeable, any excess water will disperse through the pre-attached Geotextile beneath the surface. Water won’t build up around your spa, meaning any wooden features of your spa will not absorb water and will remain rot and damage free. We recommend placing your spa near a drainage pipe as you will need to remove and replace the water several times a year.

If you do wish to place your spa within your lawn area, we recommend creating a solid foundation using Natural Paving pavers upon which the spa can sit, then create an access pathway to your house, patio or deck using the same pavers. This will help keep the area dirt free.

Natural Paving is easy to install.

You’ll need to create a suitable sub-base around 200mm deep with adequate drainage, with SureTex Geotextile separating the clay sub-base from the permeable base course and bedding layer you place on top. Install any edging you want to help contour your design, then simply lay the Natural Paving pavers in place, and evenly spread the pebbles until the pavers are covered.  

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