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Natural Paving: Take Your Visitors On A Journey

Natural Paving: Take Your Visitors On A Journey

It’s early dawn. Light creeps over the distant hills. Mists rise as the emerging sun warms the dew. As the birds sing, your park is ready to open. Golfers are arriving. The manicured flower beds around the retirement village are starting to bloom. Taking an invigorating breath of a new day, you stand at the entrance, admiring what awaits the new arrivals, but something’s askew. Your grounds look immaculate, but take a closer look, and decide just how accessible your grounds are via the pathways you have on site. 

A good pathway encourages exploration. If designed correctly, they take visitors on a journey, one ordained by you, allowing them to enjoy your grounds without damaging what you have to offer. Yet, if the path itself is not prepared to the same degree as your garden, parkland area or golf course, the enjoyment factor soon dwindles, and customers may want to spend less time on site or may not want to come back at all. 


Pathways are not just about physical connection. They make an emotional impact the moment your customer arrives. Whether your outdoor area is free to roam, or accessible once a ticket is bought, beautiful, solid, well-maintained pathways show customers that you care about their experience. Designed to integrate into the space, they provide both form and function; two key aspects to understand. For no matter how you choose to design your pathways, it’s vital that they are both beautiful and robust, giving your customers a solid platform to enjoy everything your facility provides. 

Natural Paving is a permeable, commercial solution to both form and functionality. Filled with pebbles, not only are they beautiful to look at, but the geogrid design locks the pebbles in place, making them safe to walk, cycle, or ride on. The geotextile attached beneath each paver not only acts as a weed mat, but helps maintain drainage, eradicates erosion and prevents potholes. With Natural Paving pavers, your path will look the same all year around. 

And that, in its essence, is what installing a path is all about. You are providing a memorable customer experience by creating a safe and stable means to enjoy your facilities during every season. Whether it’s raining, or if the ground is bone dry, you want your path remaining as appealing as the day you built it.  

Patio- Path Grade

Natural Paving pavers are designed for foot traffic and light vehicle use. They’re ideal for wheelchairs, canes, and bike tyres, even high heels, as the geogrid system locks the pebbles in place, giving solid and safe support. And because the pebbles are locked in, your path can access steeper inclines without the use of stairs, which is ideal for golf carts approaching tees and greens without ruining your well-groomed fairway.  

Be safe in the knowledge that your pathway is giving your customers safe access and enjoyment, because at the end of the day, when everyone has gone home, you want to walk away knowing your pathways have done their job. They’ve remained solid and secure, ready for when the sun rises again, and the crowds come rushing in once more. 

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