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Permeable Paving Products

Natural Paving is a plastic honeycomb paver of 40mm cells with a permeable, weed resistant geotextile welded to its base.

This keeps the paver buried and it invisibly locks pebbles in place so you can capture the essence of New Zealand’s natural pathways at your place, and still enjoy all the benefits of a hard pavement. Natural Paving is new, innovative and unique landscaping product.

For the very first time in New Zealand your home can have the inspiration and ambiance of a beautiful pebble riverbed and be as practical as a hard pavement.

Grass Grade

Grass grade is used to strengthen grass where you want to keep lawn looking good in areas where it is walked, parked or even driven on.

Path Grade

Path grade is ideal for patios, paths and gardens around your home. It enables you to create enduring landscaping features with pebbles.

Vehicle Grade

Vehicle grade is ideal for creating natural and inviting driveways, car parks and turning areas where traffic is generally cars, SUVs and…